Software for the management of legal files, insurance claims and contracts

Simple and efficient

This software is used to manage all litigation and insurance claims for the legal department of local authorities and businesses; it allows the tracking of all actions and elements in a case

Ensured sustainability

Open source software distributed under the CeCILL license . It is listed in the Adullact's forge which aims to support and coordinate the Public Administration and Local Authorities in order to promote, develop, share and maintain a common heritage of Free Software useful for public services

We are also listed in DebianLex

This ensures that you are not exposed to the risk of vendor lock-in. If you disagree with your supplier, you can substitute another competent entity to act on the application

Your data is free as well, you can retrieve all of it at any time

Minimal costs

The software environment (Apache + Mod_perl + PostgreSQL) is completely free and very powerful

What's the point?

Instantly find all the information saved without having to retrieve a folder in a cabinet

Large files take time to peruse: notes taken in the software will restore the entire history at a glance

Easily fill in your contacts (customers, third parties, colleagues, hierarchy) on the status of a file

Keep the memory of your actions: the software allows you to share your knowledge and to ensure a continuity of service in the case of a change of personnel or insurer

In case of loss of files on your premises (fire, water damage ...), all information is stored and available online

Generate reports effortlessly

A very simple implementation

You can open an account on our web service at first, and then transfer the data to a dedicated server if your needs warrant it

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